Impromptu Poem

I am in the nowhere
Somewhere in the nothing
Invincible and fragile
Defeated and unbeaten

Where have I been?
Sleeping, it seems
Content to lie and
Bleed and regress

Awaken! She calls
Be alive! She commands
The furnaces burn
The engines rumble

The heart! It beats!
Despite you all
Your endless taunts
Your fucking greed!

You can’t hold me
You can’t stop me
My spirit burns
An eternal flame!

Awaken! Alive!
Hero and saint!
Monster and villain
All of what is

Furious, I rise
Defiant, I roar
My pages shall bear
My being, my heart

Words, they will flow
Tales, they will spin
I’ve found a pulse
Again, I breathe


~ by freeradicalx51 on May 12, 2008.

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